Margit Anna Süss 
Solo - Version for Harp - Schubert Complete Impromptus op. 90 and op. 142
Itemnumber: C 130205


4 Impromtus op. 90 (D899)
1   Nr.1 in C minor: Allegro molto moderato
2   Nr.2 in E flat major: Allegro
3   Nr.3 in G flat major: Andante
4   Nr.4 in A flat major: Allegretto
4 Impromtus op. post. 142 (D935)
5   Nr.1 in F minor: Allegro moderato
6   Nr.2 in A flat major: Allegretto
7   Nr.3 in B flat major: Theme with Variations:
     Andante Variations 1-5
8   Nr.4 in F minor: Allegro scherzando

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